Anshu Dewan

About Anshu Dewan
  • Senior Vice President
  • Dharampal Satyapal Ltd

Anshu Dewan wears multiple hats. He is currently a senior VP at the $1.2 billion Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group). He heads their relatively new Dairy division in addition to departments such as HR, IT, CSR, Luxury Retail & Start-Ups.

Prior to DS Group – Anshu has been a serial entrepreneur where he either started or worked in multiple start-ups. He is the founder of Hybridtronics Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based company engaged in hybrid and electric vehicles. His company has made a breakthrough in terms of developing the lowest cost hybrid electric kit that can be retro-fitted on buses. This venture was started after Anshu won a business plan competition in the US – where he got funding from the University of Chicago as well as the State of Illinois.

Devicelinx, was a mobile application development company that Anshu started with 3 of his college friends in ’03. It was slightly ahead of its time and failed to get significant traction.

In 1998, Anshu joined Geneva Software as the 5th employee in the company. Within 2 years, this start-up was acquired by Computer Associates for $28M, in 2000. He was part of the transition team that was retained after the acquisition where he was the lead software developer at Computer Associates for several years.

Anshu did his schooling from St. Columba’s School in New Delhi after which he got a B.Tech in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago. He was accepted at the prestigious Booth School of Business (at the University of Chicago) but after completing one year – he took a “sabbatical” to pursue work on Hybridtronics.

In addition to work, Anshu is passionate about the environment. He was part of Green Peace during his stay in the US, a key member of the Indian against Corruption Movement and recalcitrant volunteer of AAP.

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