• Sarthak Educational Trust

    Inclusive Education Center for Children with Special Needs

    Supports the medical rehabilitation of children with disability in India through special education programmes that better integrates them into the mainstream society.

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  • Paragon Charitable Trust (PCT)


    Provides quality, child-centered, inclusive English-medium schooling to underprivileged children in India by training and empowering teachers to be change agents.

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  • Grammangal

    Education Quality Improvement Program for Angawadi

    Builds the capacity of Anganwadi Workers in India to provide quality preschool education to children aged 2-6 years old, helping them acquire primary competencies faster.

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  • Dream A Dream

    Life Skills Development

    Empowers Indian youths through a variety of experiential programmes and mentorship that aim to equip them with necessary life skills for career development.

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  • Pink Healthcare Private Limited


    Increases access to information on special-needs children and early intervention solutions by scaling iRockit’s online information platform and building an early intervention centre in Delhi.

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  • LEAP Skills


    Improves employability of Indian students between the age of 18-25 years through a blended learning approach which mixes technology with class instruction.

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  • Creatnet Education

    Creatnet Education

    Improves the standard of education in India by enhancing the personal and professional development of educators through leadership programmes.

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  • India School Leadership Institute

    City Fellowship Program

    The City Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for school leaders in underserved communities in India to gain the necessary skills required to effectively lead schools to deliver excellent outcomes for the students.

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  • vChalk Education


    Improves the standard of English teachers and consequently, English classes in Indian schools by providing teachers effective teaching resources through an app.

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  • iPRIMED Education Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    iPRIMED Athena English

    Improves English-speaking ability of Indian learners through an interactive educational software that utilises movie clips and game mechanics.

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AVPN India Summit 2017 Highlights

  • Summit Attendees 258
  • Speakers 58
  • Deal Share Live Participants 9
  • Education Report Launched 1