Breakout : From Education to Employment: Insights into Work-readiness

Event Details
  • September 14th, Thursday, 12:00pm - 1:45pm
Gaurav Shah

Gaurav Shah

Founder Indian School of Development Management

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Session Description

Over 70% of philanthropic funding in India is funneled towards education, but is it working? Despite employability in India steadily increasing over the past few years, of the 75% of the graduates hoping to enter the job market, almost half will be unemployable. And, whilst graduates of each gender face equally bleak chances, graduates of different subjects, areas, and institutions do not.

This session will focus on the ways in which impact investors and venture philanthropists can work to tackle these inequalities and accelerate the race to full employability for graduates in both blue-collar and white-collar skills environments through innovations in skilling and workforce readiness. By bringing together a series of experts from traditional and innovative education, this session will target one of the most vital questions in the space: is the philanthropy working?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Which skills do you need to make a living? Which educational programmes are most likely to enable you to find employment and a livelihood?
  2. What is the role of Education versus Skilling in bridging the “Employability Gap”?
  3. How can social investors make these skilling options available?

Deal Share Live

At this Summit, we would incorporate the sharing of two Deal Share Live participants in each breakout session.

LEAP Skills
Dream A Dream


These are Social Purpose Organisation (SPO) listed on the Deal Share Platform, and will lend their perspectives on how they are working with resource providers to create social impact through their implementation work on the ground. Integrating the Deal Share Live into each breakout session would create a more robust discussion in examining what might have worked, what didn’t and what’s next; in relation to what the panel is sharing.


AVPN India Summit 2017 Highlights

  • Summit Attendees 258
  • Speakers 58
  • Deal Share Live Participants 9
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