Breakout : Integrating Technology to Influence Positive Learning Outcomes

Event Details
  • September 14th, Thursday, 12:00pm - 1:45pm
Sandeep Bapna

Sandeep Bapna

Head Khan Academy

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Session Description

Technology’s role in India’s changing education landscape is both facilitating and accelerating the rate of every student’s progress. Moving beyond conferring best teaching practices, collaborative peer educator networks, technology has the power to individualize the teaching experience for every single student, educating at the student’s own pace and responding to their unique needs and deficiencies. With almost 95% of teachers already reporting access to computers, this session will talk about the advances being made at the crossroads of education and technology, the effect on students and teachers, and some of the interesting technology models being used to impact positive learning outcomes

Key Takeaways:

  1. Technology can enable each student to take charge of his learning and attain subject mastery through adaptive learning platforms
  2. Teachers can be empowered through Technology as it allows them to focus on cultivating higher order thinking skills in the classroom and maximise their impact in classrooms
  3. There is a need to integrate technology creatively into lesson plans and classrooms practices to create the apt learning environments
  4. Technology is not a panacea or a silver bullet

Deal Share Live

At this Summit, we would incorporate the sharing of two Deal Share Live participants in each breakout session.

iPrimed Education
vChalk Education


These are Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) listed on the Deal Share Platform, and will lend their perspectives on how they are working with resource providers to create social impact through their implementation work on the ground. Integrating the Deal Share Live into each breakout session would create a more robust discussion in examining what might have worked, what didn’t and what’s next; in relation to what the panel is sharing.


AVPN India Summit 2017 Highlights

  • Summit Attendees 258
  • Speakers 58
  • Deal Share Live Participants 9
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