[Workshop] Building Capacity to Scale Impact

Event Details
  • September 14th, Thursday, 3:00pm - 4:45pm
Harpreet Bagga

Harpreet Bagga

Associate Director, Capacity Building Dasra

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Session Description

A social purpose organisation’s ability to respond to and solve developmental issues are often constrained by its organisational capacity. This constraint becomes all the more evident when an organisation starts to scale its operations with an intention to increase its impact. In these situations, there is a continuous need for the organisation to build its capacity, enhance the effectiveness of its model and its operations and therefore, to become stronger. Capacity building enables social sector leaders to develop the skills and resources needed for them to improve the work, anticipate and prepare for the needs of a scaling organisations and become resilient to changing realities and environment. Yet, capacity building is also often not free and needs to be financed. This session will focus on outlining the typical challenges that organisations face, the different approaches to capacity building, how to finance these and how to decide what it best for you.

Key Takeaways

  1. Skills and resources required by social sector leaders to take their organisations to the next level
  2. Interesting approaches around fundraising to help in scaling operations
  3. Case studies on effective methodologies to report and communicate impact and unlock further funds



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